External Affairs

For the past several years I have worked in external affairs raising millions of dollars each year for Perspectives Charter Schools.

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I founded a network of five charter schools across the south side of Chicago to help the youth of this city.

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After working in education as a CEO and director of external affairs, I have amassed a network of connection I can use to help you and our company.

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How can I help your company evolve?

Evolve2gether works to build strategic thinking, smart practices, and clear values in to the culture of your organization to insure that your vision evolves.

I can work to help your business around three main focal points, helping your company raise money in external affairs, working with education, and building long and lasting connections to help you move forward.

My goal is to insure that your organization evolves to its fullest potential and help it grow, and to also help you evolve as a leader, fundraiser, strategic thinker, and to help your perspective as a whole.


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If you think that I could help your company grow, lets work together to evolve your organization.